Electronic scales for macro/micro-ingredients weighing with recipe formulas
has designed a number of electronic weighing instruments (called “scales”), specially dedicated to its plants and to meet the customers’ needs.

They mainly consist of a microprocessor unit, with personalised AGRIFLEX keyboard, and are associated with one or more load cells.

They have many functions, among which, controlling raw materials stocks, dosing single ingredients, setting and saving a large number of recipes and starting such recipes either manually or automatically.

These control units enable to manage any type of liquid or solid products – the latter including both macro-ingredients, that is the main ingredients such as flour, sugar, etc, and micro-ingredients which are used in the recipes in more or less smaller amounts.

It is possible to connect the control units to remote PC using interface software.

Flow meters for liquids control and management

Agriflex provides a wide range of flow meters that can be adapted to various products for easy dosing. The range includes the following products:

  • Volumetric flow meters
  • Pulse flow meters
  • Electromagnetic flow meters
  • Mass flow meters

Flow meters can be managed through electronic scales or PLC logics.


Software programs with LG-PC and PLC-PC interface for the management and control of micro/macro raw materials

AGRIFLEX designs and manufactures systems for the automatic management of plants, even complex ones. They are “turn-key” solutions, complete with hardware and software (besides standard electric system). We use the best international brands of hardware components (or any brand requested by the customer) and the configurations are customized to every single plant.

These systems can manage any production process and adapt to any customer’s need.

The operator can easily follow the plant operation through the scheme displayed by the PC and interact with the machine by means of the video graphic display usually of touch-screen type.  

Specific and user-friendly menus allow the operator to manually control the devices, select automatic operating cycles, input constant data into the system and create processing formulas.

Any alarm condition is signalled by a sound signal that can be silenced by means of the dedicated key; the alarm type is displayed on the PC to let the operator identify it.