• Vuotasacchi

    The Big bag dischargers are ideal for the automation of raw materials used in limited quantities during production or to load storage silos. They are made of AISI 304 - 316 stainless steel and come complete with:

    - watertight lid

    - rack to lay the bags on

    - round-shaped bottom

    - electric vibrator

    - support feet with anti-vibration mounts.

    Several models are available, with capacities ranging from 100 to 600 kg. The following extraction technologies can be envisaged according to the customer’s needs:

    - rigid or flexible mechanical extraction

    - pneumatic pressure or vacuum extraction

    - with mechanical belt conveyor.

    Upon request, a self-cleaning filter for the collection of raw material dust can be added.

    Big bag dischargers made of AISI 304-316 stainless steel, 100 to 500kg capacity, star valve extraction system and pneumatic conveying system (pressure - vacuum)

    Big bag dischargers made of AISI 304-316 stainless steel, 100 to 500kg capacity, extraction system with vibrating bottom and pneumatic conveying system (vacuum)

    Big bag dischargers made of AISI 304-316 stainless steel, 100 to 500kg capacity, extraction system with rigid or flexible screw conveyor

  • Dust hood over fixed or mobile mixer bowl

The best-selling dust hood is made of stainless steel. It has a diameter 5 cm larger than that of the mixer bowl, and features two inlets: one for liquids, and one for powder ingredients.

There is also a central hole for coupling to an exhaust fan fitted with self-cleaning filter. The dust created at the raw material discharge point is sucked and filtered, thus eliminating much of the dust in the surrounding area and allowing to collect and re-use the raw material powders. The hood can be installed either in a fixed or mobile position according to the customer’s needs.


  • Self-cleaning filters from 0.5 up to 21 sq.m

All self-cleaning filters are made of stainless steel and are ATEX certified. They are assembled on stainless or fibreglass one-piece silos, bulk bag dischargers or weighing hoppers of pressure or vacuum conveying systems, dust hoods, star valves or mixers.

All filters come complete with couplings for the specific use: with flange for silos or hoppers assembly, or with support “legs” for free-standing filters.

  • Gravity or in-line cleaning sieves for powder products

Centrifugal sieves made of stainless steel to be installed on pneumatic conveying lines.

The raw materials enter directly from the conveying line: inside the sieve there is a centrifugal blade that pushes the product against a metal screen, isolating and retaining all foreign bodies contained in the raw materials. The sieve shall be cleaned on a weekly basis, by opening the quick-release head flange.

Upon request it is also possible to add an iron particle remover, which is supplied as standard with the gravity sieve model.

Products are fed by gravity. Inside the sieve, a screw conveyor receives the product and by means of two blades pushes it against a metal screen for cleaning. Any foreign bodies contained in the raw materials are pushed out of the sieve and collected in a fabric bag.

  • Vibrating screen for in-line sifting

Made of stainless steel with circular shape, the vibrating screen is installed in pneumatic pressure or vacuum conveying lines. The raw materials are cleaned by vibration. The product falls onto a fine metal screen where foreign bodies are retained and collected in a specific container, whereas the cleaned raw material is conveyed to the processing point.